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SALE 20,000 YouTube Views Special
Get 20,000 views + 200+ favorites/likes/subs on any youtube video for a special limited time price under $100 - WOW!

Delivery starts within 48 hours after your order is queued up, and your total views will come over the next 7 days after that.

Views from my viewer exchange are from real - unique viewers worldwide and will not harm your video unlike 'some other guys'.

Larger packages available - write if you want more :)

Price: $44.99
Your YouTube Link:
New Network Buzz Network Blasts
I rarely make comments on products, as different people have different ideas about value - and not everything is a good fit for everyone equally. . But...

This time, I'll say it - You Would be STUPID not to Order This!

I don't know of a single method, including some of my partners expensive e-mail blast services, and even my own famous mixtape distribution service, that provides more direct value for an artist looking for REAL EXPOSURE than this package.

For a limited time, at a limited price, I'll have your Mixtape, Video or Single posted on 25 different HipHop & R&B social networks, blogs & forums (in the basic package)

I've never personally seen, or offered anything that brings such massive exposure in 1 simple package.

After ordering, send me your video,hosted mixtape or single link, along with your front cover image, description, your track listing in text format, and your social links.

When complete, I'll give you back a report of fresh links, directly to where your mixtape, video or single details have been posted on 25+ hiphop blogs/forums/social sites.

That's less than $2.50 a post - WOW Try to find that elsewhere - you can't

Sites like : | and lots more just like 'em.

Before I'd personally spent ANY money on ANYTHING else, my mixtape distro, video distro, and this package should be what you consider if you're look to get massive exposure on the cheap!

Turn around is usually 5-10 days.

Note, I'm putting up a limited #, (10 to start) once those sell out and I fulfill them, the price will be increasing, so if your serious about getting your buzz up - order right NOW!

Price: $39.00
# of Sites in Distribution : 
Please reply to your confirmation mail after order with your details.: 

YouTube Subscribers
YouTube Subscribers
Looking to grow your YouTube fanbase ? Want people who'll get updated every time you post new content - get genuine YouTube Subscribers.
100% Real.
Price: $17.99
Price: $14.99
# of YouTube Subscribers : 
Your YouTube Channel: 

YouTube Likes
YouTube Likes
Looking to grow your YouTube fanbase ? Improve your videos stats ? - get genuine YouTube Likes from real users.
100% Real.

Available Qty: 4
Price: $17.99
Price: $11.99
# of YouTube Likes : 
YouTube Video Link: 

Viral Video Distro
Viral Video Distro
You've made your video - now get it SEEN!
Filling out all those forms, creating all those accounts, learning how to upload on all those different video sites. What a pain. Let us help.

We'll upload your video at least *40* popular global video sharing sites & hiphop blogs including ThisIs50, DailyMotion and more.
Go Viral - Get True World Wide Exposure, for the lowest price anywhere - Guaranteed!

Available Qty: 1
Price: $50.00
Link to Your Video (or e-mail it to me w/ details after ordering): 
Positive Youtube Comments
Positive Youtube Comments
Start the ball rolling, or keep it moving with positive comments on your YouTube Video, All orders also get a bonus Likes and Subscribers equal to the order size!

Price: $10.00
YouTube Comments : 
Youtube Link :: 

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