December 4, 2012

The Hip-Hop Help Discount Continues: Learn To Use Cubase Like the Pro That you are!



A Beginning Level tutorial for Cubase 4, that provides helpful insight on how to use it to the fullest extent

This DVD is a beginner level tutorial for Cubase 4, which contains hundreds of advanced features expanding the possibilities in using it far beyond the beginner user's skill set. Once you've mastered the basic functionality of Cubase 4, you're ready to advance into more difficult arrangements using virtual instruments like HALlionone (for drums), Prologue, Spector and Mystic. You'll get deeper into working with imported loops, the Cubase Sample Editor, while mastering the on-board mixer by setting up a Key Command to do tricks like "Activate all solos" among others. Learn to properly add compression to drums (RMS vs. Peak method), plus expert tips for using EQ on the drums and bass. You'll set up an effects channel, while working with track presets and automation. Once you've built a great recording using all of these things, you're ready for mixing down.


  • Series: DVD
  • Publisher: BCI Media
  • Medium: DVD
  • 90 minutes

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